FervenC Displays Faith Even While ‘Playing In The Lion’s Den’ On New Album





Merced, CA - California rapper FervenC’s new album, Playing in the Lion's Den, reflects the similarities between FervenC's life experiences and those of the biblical prophet Daniel. When Daniel was placed in the lion's den, the king feared for the life of his faithful servant. But instead of death, God delivered an opportunity to show what true faith can do; for FervenC, this is through his music.


Playing in The Lion’s Den releases to digital music outlets on December 2, 2022. The 18-track project includes production from Temper Beats, ClarkMakeHits, Tone Jonez, and DopeBoyzMuzic. Playing in The Lion’s Den is a traditional west coast album, packed full of pounding bass lines, piano-driven melodies, and storytelling-based lyrics.


Overall, listeners will find Playing in The Lion’s Den to be an honest and transparent sonic experience. FervenC doesn’t rely on over-the-top extras that tend to distract from albums that are lacking when it comes to content. Instead, he remains consistent from start to finish, clearly relaying his message so that all who hear easily understand. “God has allowed me to draw from the most painful experiences of my life and put it into my voice,” explains FervenC.


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About FervenC

Born in an ambulance in Fresno, CA, some of my earliest memories were of visiting my father in prison starting when I was around 5. My idea of what it meant to be a man was shaped by those visits, where I would approach a tall fence with barbed wire, behind which were my dad, his friends, and relatives lined up facing me, looking swole and hard.  Raised by a single mom in Merced, I grew up on the streets in and out of trouble. If it wasn't for my mom planting seeds in me early, I would probably be dead or in prison. God took my anger and turned it into a passion for creating music. Now I live in Merced with my wife and four children, pursuing that calling: making music that leads people to Christ and glorifies God.

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